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Treatment Options

At Energy Body Wellness we offer an array of unique treatments as described below. Please send us a message for a price quote. We offer special discounts for anyone who is a resident of the Nosara area. 


VibroAcoustic Sound Bed Treatments 

The treatment is a one-of-a-kind experience using a VibroAcoustic sound bed. The sound bed has speakers and transducer technology that produces smooth and consistent bass frequencies that create a consistent and stable vibration. These vibrations will help you overcome any chaotic energetic vibrations that you may be experiencing due to stress, anxiety or emotional discord. The treatment works specifically on the energy body by creating a more hormonic vibration that will leave you feeling more “in-tune,” relaxed and at ease in your body, mind and soul. Throughout the session Paul will also use a full spectrum of sacred instruments including crystal singing bowls, an array of other crystal instruments, gongs, and a unique blend of singing and toning as Paul channels light codes and healing frequencies through the timbre and vibration of his voice. 


Session times: 75 min with Paul


Add micro-dose  of Blue Lotus or Kana $40 extra

Sound Bed Only 30 min $50

Sound Bed Only 60 min $65

Group Sound Journeys

Want to host a private group sound journey for your retreat or special event? Paul, with his vast array of sacred sound instruments and his multi-demential voice toning guides participants to transverse into deep meditative states as well as guides journeyers to connect more fully to their energy body. 

For more information and pricing contact Paul at


Plant Medicine & Sound 

The use of sacred sound instruments during plant medicine ceremonies can open up transformative journey portals like non-other! If you would like to learn more about this visit: or schedule a private or small group plant medicine ceremony along with sound therapy, email: info@energybodywellness or call 506-8511-6266 (WhatsAp). 

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