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Energy Body Wellness

Paul Jarreau, Sound Treatment Practitioner 

 VibroAcoustic Sound Treatments 

Here at Energy Body Wellness, we offer individual sound treatments that include the use of a vibroacoustic sound bed that transmits a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional experience of healing sounds, frequencies and vibrations. While on the vibroacoustic sound bed, an array of sound instruments, accompanied by soothing voice tones will be used to move you into a state of relaxation and bliss.

Group Sound Journeys are also available.

See "Services" for more information. 

 The Energy Body 

One of Nikola Tesla's most famous quotes states: 

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." 

At Energy Body Wellness, we like to take that idea further. If you seek to understand the secrets of YOURSELF, think of your entire physical, spiritual and emotional being in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. 

The sound treatments offered allows you to traverse beyond the physical to the broader aspect of the self. In short it connects you to your energy body. 



"It has taken a few months to find words that describe the unique sound healing experiences I was fortunate to receive with Paul. He brought his powerful and angelic guides literally to the table. And, what a magical vibrant table that was below my body and a surprise above as well. Paul channels through presence and voice just what is perfectly aligned with the receiver to literally upgrade all internal systems into an integrated and expansive space, while at the same time deeply grounding  me. Way more than a massage or other bodywork usually does." 


Jane Fryer, Nosara Costa Rica

"I have had many sound sessions with Paul at Energy Body Wellness and I highly recommend him!  Paul is very knowledgeable and shares his experience and makes sure that you understand the process. He prepares you with great suggestions on how to get the most out of a session with him.   His wide range of instruments combined with the vibraacoustic bed just can’t be experienced anywhere else.  I have gone to many sound therapy sessions in the past both here in Costa Rica and in the US and no one is doing what he is doing.  After a session, I have noticed anxiety and worry are noticeably reduced.  I also find my sleep patterns are reset, I sleep better and I feel much more balanced as a result of doing a session with him.   When I get up at the end of a session I not only feel relaxed but I feel refreshed and invigorated."


Edward, Nosara Costa Rica

"Paul Jarreau is a beautiful, tuned in, gifted human and his sound healing sessions are like nothing else available. As soon as I entered his sound studio, he put me at ease with his  grounded, soothing, wise presence. He has amazing tools and skills that allowed me to really feel the vibrations traveling through my body… relaxing and releasing the tension there. Very healing, very relaxing, very impressive. Thank you for serving the planet in such a beautiful way Paul!

Joanna, Encinitas, CA


About Paul Jarreau

Paul has been studying and practicing in the field of Sound Therapy since 2015 and graduated from the Global Institute of Sound and Consciousness in San Francisco, CA. He has had the opportunity to study and practice with over 30 unique sound healing masters from around the globe. Paul is pleased to bring this unique vibroacoustic sound experience to Nosara, Costa Rica and has recently opened the Energy Body Wellness Center.  

Email: - Tel: 506-8511-6266


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